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Heart Shaped Lens Photography is Olivia Corbett. 


Heart Shaped Lens Photography blossomed from Olivia's constant search for beauty in the world around her. Always a creative person she has studied music, art and writing for most of her life. Her discovery of photography started as a fun hobby that quickly bloomed into an all consuming passion. 


Olivia began her journey into photography, like many of today’s budding artists, though her obsession with Instagram. There just seemed to be something unique and beautiful about capturing mundane moments and cataloging memories. Her obsession turned to passion as she developed her skills as a photographer, editor, and graphic artist. In 2014, Olivia founded her own Photography Business, Heart Shaped Lens Photography. She specializes in family photography, but enjoys shooting a variety of things in her spare time. Helping someone create and preserve special memories is incredibly rewarding. Whether it's through event photography –for baby showers or birthday parties- or capturing milestone moments –like engagements, maternity, or other announcements-, it is always a fun and memorable experience. 

Olivia has her MBA in Marketing and works as a Social Media Advisor at The Rainmaker Institute. This allows her to utilize her education and experience to combine her passion of photography, social media, and marketing into a rewarding career. Outside of work Olivia enjoys music, reading, performing, and most importantly spending her time with husband Sean and her two kids, Isa & Olly.